At we media project we’re not suggesting you kill your TV as much as we’re saying your TV is now starring in a supporting role to your computer. As much as we love our televisions, the fact is that more and more people look to the web to find TV quality content designed just for them. we media project wants to do just that for your brand or event. we aim to produce, promote and connect your event with it’s audience in a unique, interactive way on the internet. So don’t kill your TV, crown your computer....

We media project has been live streaming / live webcasting sporting events, entertainment shows, confrences and music from the very early stages of streaming.  We've experienced the changes in technology along the way and are proud to use the best available technology.


SUG 9 With Chael Sonnen Live on UFC Fight Pass

Snowboarder Magazine Webcast Production Team

We media project provides Snowboarder Magazine live webcast production services for some of snowboardings biggest events like Super Park and The Launch.  We produce live webcasts of elite level events in complicated production enviroments, setting up a production studio and remote internet links on any mountain side.

Portland Timbers Soccer:

We Media Project provides the Portland Timbers with webcast services for Timbers international friendly games, Portland Thorns and Timbers 2 games.


Click here for the Timbers preseason Simple Cup live webcast / live stream.


Cycling Production:

For the past 5 years in a row We Media Project  was contracted out to provide the live stream for USA Cyling's Cyclo-Cross nationals along with the 2016 Mt Bike Nationals.

Click to view the 2015 CX Nationals live webcast or live stream 

Click to view the 2014 CX Nationals live webcast or live stream 

MLS All Star Press Conferences

We Media Project live streamed the 2014 MLS All Star Announcement from Adidas

Chris Cole's Excellent Adventures at Camp Woodward (29 Minute Example)

Webcast sample from the Chris Cole Excellent Adventure at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania. Format was a skate demo with back story about Chris Cole's effort to provide inner city kids an opportunity to attend Camp Woodward.

O'Neill Cold Water Classic (5 Minute Example)

The O'Neill Cold Water Classic event was produced and directed in PAL (European Standard) HD in Santa Cruz, California. The webcast included graphic animations, commentary audio, interviews, multi-angle replays, heat highlights and daily recaps. All six webcast HD cameras including a Red One were isolated and recorded (by one person) in the production room. In post production the isolated recordings were edited for TV shows in Europe and North America.

USOC Volleyball Webcast

Engineered and Directed by We Media Project's Jeff Greenwood

 USA Cycling's Criterium Nationals (password 1234)

Engineered and Directed by We Media Project's Jeff Greenwood

Zumiez Couch Tour (4 Minute Example)

This video segment is an HD webcast sample from a jam format skateboard contest.

The jam format challenges most production crews because skaters start at random intervals from unknown locations and there are usually more than one skaters on the course at the same time.


O'Neill Cold Water Classic (15 Minute Example)

The finals for the O'Neill Cold Water Classic were moved to the back-up location 30 minutes away. 

More Webcast Video Sampels


 If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that live webcasts are the future of event coverage. In a world driven by immediacy, live webcasts put the viewers in charge allowing them to connect and interact with other likeminded viewers. More importantly connecting viewers with the brands and events they resonate with. Waiting for a TV recap is so 2009...  

web production

  • create a live show with multiple camera angles
  • develop graphics
  • utilize action replay
  • integrate live chat and live scoring
  • create a studio show commentary and interviews
  • play commercials and partner promotional videos
  • stream in Flash
  • stream to iphones
  • produce pre-roll and post-roll content

web management

  • stream live on Facebook or partner websites with embeddable player
  • create chaptered content and video on demand
  • live polling via viewer text messaging
  • pay per view streaming options
  • integrate existing Facebook or Twitter accounts for event chat room
  • create 24-7 linear content
  • provide analytics and CDN