Switcher Options:

Tricaster 860 (8 SDI input)

Ross Black Solo (9 SDI input)

Atem 1ME Switcher 8 SDI input

LiveStream 550 switcher 5 SDI input


Replay System:

NewTek 3Play 425

4 in and 2 out via SDI or Network



LiveText (internal on the Tricaster)

LiveText (external on a laptop)

Livestream (auto populate .csv over http, google doc, local excel / .csv)

Chyron Ip

XPression Graphics (software only version)


Cameras: (Your choice)

Panasonic AJ-PX270 camera 22x, zoom controller, 7” LCD Monitors tripods (stock cameras with trailer)

Wireless HD video Kits (2500-3000ft distance / 3 complete systems)

Coms over fiber

Video over fiber



Sennheiser broadcast headsets HMD 26

20 Channel mixer

  1. 10 Aux mixes provide superior monitor configuration capabilities
  2. 22-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback — capture and recall 
  3. MP3 playback direct from USB
  4. 8 DCA Groups
  5. 8 Mute Groups

Henry Engineering Talent talkback boxes and producer box

Sennheiser Wireless stick mics

Sennheiser Wireless Lavs

Assorted Sennheiser Shotgun microphones


Live Encoding Options:



Livestream 550


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