Credential Check

  • extensive webcast experience in snowboard, surf, bmx, and skate industries including US Open of Surf and US Open of Snowboarding
  • produced and directed live webcasts for many sports within the Olympic family
  • from live Twitch streams for the Portland Timber to KFC's webcast for Wieden and Kennedy
  • creative personnel with broad experience developing successful unique pre and post production content
  • broad experience webcasting in remote locations and extreme conditions
  • creative problem solving on location
  • experience finding low cost solutions for a variety of situations
  • ability to think outside the box to create unique webcast applications


on another note....Jeff, Lisa and Tricia spent the better halves of their lives traversing the globe competing in snowboarding events. So yeah, they've got credentials from World Cups, X-Games and the Olympics too.

Who are we...


Allow us to introduce ourselves...we take pride in the fact that in a relatively new media frontier we have an exorbitant amount of experience in live webcasting, video production and social media management. We are passionately and creatively driven to produce compelling and authentic content and aim to bring your viewers what they want the way they want it. Did we mention we love what we do..... it’s true we do!



Jeff Greenwood-The alpha dog in this group, Jeff is a master of all things technical and wizard like. Known for pulling off seamlessly produced webcasts in the remotest of locations, from far away beach breaks to glaciers in misty mountain ranges. When he’s not teching out you can find him shredding pow in the northwest or surfing left handers in Chile.

Tricia Byrnes-This sassy pooch is our multitasking circus preformer, known for her ability to tweet, text and talk all at the same time, Tricia is your go to girl for all things social, media and otherwise.  When she's not busy juggling the needs of our clients in creative and entertaining ways, you can find her frolicking off to some far off land with Eugene, her pet unicorn.

Lisa Kosglow-This friendly pup truly is your next best friend, Lisa has the uncanny ability to make things happen business and otherwise with her steadfast determination and commitment to projects. When she's not busy developing new opportunities for clients and making it all happen, you can find her making jam and other delicious treats from her lavish organic garden or find her on a long bike ride, up hill both ways.

AJ Mcclintick - A friendly pit bull puppy that will keep the show going under any conditions with out a complaint.